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For Best Results & Safe Use

Be sure to spray your with cooking spray prior to each use to prevent your food from sticking

When putting your food on the skewers, be sure to use two (2) skewers for each piece so that when you flip your food, it does not spin

When cooking food with breading or batter, make sure to use a dish that allows you to submerge all the food so that it is totally coated and use enough oil in your pan to cover at least half (1/2) the depth of the food

When cooking vegetables, make sure you microwave so they are soft enough to push the skewers with ease.   

When putting food onto the skewers, be careful, they are very sharp

Always use a heat proof glove while using your

When using on the barbeque grill, make sure you clean and coat the grates with oil so your food does not stick